YOU HAVE some favourites in your stock portfolio. Care to write about them? Or you have some negative investing experiences from which you learnt lessons?

Share them on NextInsight. Who knows, maybe tens of thousands will read your piece. To explore this possibility, email Leong Chan Teik:

A number of readers have done so. Examples are the S-chips, Oxley and SunVic stories below:

200 Robert Stone
ROBERT STONE: "My experience with S-Chips & Chinese listcos - The good, the bad & the ugly"

"My take on the proposed IPO of Oxley International"

SUNVIC CHEMICAL: Huge impact of factory sale on gearing, profits, etc

Sumer: "My Take On How SUPERBOWL Takeover Will Unfold"

ROCK: How I made $137,380 with $71,400 in my SRS account

We know there are many passionate investors among our readers and they have been sharing their ideas and views in our forum. Some of these posts were of sufficient substance for us to convert into articles after we edited them, added photos, charts, etc.

Three examples are the Superbowl and SRS stories cited above. 

If necessary, we will edit contributions for language, clarity, and content. We will not change the substance of your contribution.

We equally like it whether it's bullish or bearish but we may need to ask for more facts to be added, or some to be verified.

While we are keen on articles on stocks, we exclude articles based on technical analysis. Neither are we likely to publish macro economy articles. If in doubt, check with us first. Thank you!

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